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Computer repair services at home are an affordable and convenient way to fix issues with your computer or laptop. From diagnosing a slow computer to replacing cracked screens, Super I.T. Solutions can find a solution for you.

Your Local Home Computer Repair Technicians

Established in December 2003, Super I.T. Solutions has been at the forefront of mobile computer repairs. Our founder needed to have his computer fixed and was dismayed he had to unplug and carry his heavy machine to the car and drop it off at a local repair place. He thought to himself, there must be a better way! So mobile computer repairs were born.

Over the years our company grew from a one-man band to an East Coast wide company. All our technicians (SuperTechs) are highly skilled and go through a practical and theory exam during the interview process, to ensure they have the skillset to carry out on-site repairs efficiently and proficiently.

Our SuperTechs believe that honest advice is the key to success and explaining to our customer what we are doing and why so that they understand what is required. We don’t ‘talk tech’ or use technical jargon so the process is simple and hassle-free.

We have no call out fee or travel charges, a helpdesk on offer for quicker remote jobs at a reduced time/rate and we offer Seniors Discount!

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Stress-free & Affordable Computer Repair Services

Having a skilled technician on hand to repair and maintain your computer system is extremely beneficial. From Windows updates falling behind to general cleaning to optimise efficiency, backups, software installations and more, having someone to cover these for you is invaluable.

By having regular maintenance checks, not only can you ensure you avoid nasties like viruses and malware, but you can also prolong the efficiency and life of your machine.

So, what else do we do?

  • Computer & Network Security (Anti-virus installation and maintenance)
  • Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal
  • Parental Controls
  • Computer & printer Installations & Setup
  • Backups & Data recovery
  • Wireless network setup (Home & Office)
  • Hardware repairs and upgrades
  • Laptop screen repairs
  • General Support, troubleshooting & training!

PC Computer Repairs

Our technicians are proficient on working with multiple operating systems including but not limited to, all current and outdated MS Windows platforms, Apple Mac OS, Google Android OS, Linux Operating System and Apple iOS.

As there is such a wide variety of computer and laptop brands we work on, it would be difficult to list them all, however brands such as Dell, ASUS, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, Apple, HP & Acer are just some of the machines we work on. From software to hardware issues, our technicians can diagnose and replace or repair components for any make or model.

We can also repair and maintain notebooks, touch screens and tablets, which includes screen repairs. Computer screen repairs can vary depending on the make and model, so by contacting Super I.T. Solutions, we can work with the technician in your area to provide a quote and repair.

Apple Computer Repairs

Our technicians can repair and maintain Apple MAC computers & Macbooks. From data transfers to app installations and syncing with iPhones, iPads and iCloud.

Computer screen repairs can vary depending on the make and model, so by contacting Super I.T. Solutions, we can work with the technician in your area to provide a quote and repair

Laptop Repairs

Is your laptop giving you trouble? This trouble may be a sign of some critical problem with your laptop. In such a case, would you still like to work on the edge of risk with your laptop which may crash or lose your important data at any time?
If not, then you are at the right place. At Super I.T. Solutions, we hold the frontline when it comes to delivering laptop repair services for any type of laptop-related issues.

We provide a distinguished level of laptop repair services for a number of brands including Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, NEC, IBM, ASUS, Acer, Sony and many more. Software, hardware repairs and maintenance of almost all models of computer is part of our list of services that we offer.

We can also replace damaged laptop screens and word keyboards and upgrade internal harddrives for more space and efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my computer so slow?
  • There are many reasons your computer or laptop may be running slowly from too many background programs, to running out of disk space (HDD) or RAM, updates not being run frequently and falling behind or even viruses.

    Our SuperTechs are expertly trained to run through each scenario, such as the above mentioned, and further to determine what is causing the issue, they can then provide solutions with software or even hardware upgrades, or clean and optimise your computer to its fullest potential.

  • Can I replace my broken laptop screen?
  • LCD replacement in older laptops or LED replacement in newer models can be replaced. Even touch screens!

    Generally, damage to laptop screens occurs by either being dropped, sometimes stood on or by closing the lid while something (ie. A mouse) is sitting on the keyboard.

    Most of the time the damage is limited to the screen, however data loss or corruption can be a factor, especially if dropped while it was powered on.

    Every laptop has different components and models, so each repair will vary in price. If you have a damaged screen, give us a call, or send us a message, we will be able to quote based on the make and model of your laptop.

  • How do I transfer my data?
  • If you have recently purchased a new computer or laptop, you may be wondering how to transfer our data from your old one to the new one. Provided the old one hasn’t had a hard drive crash and damaged components, transferring data can be a reasonably straightforward process, depending on the way you choose to do it.

    Programs such as OneDrive, Dropbox or similar are popular for their ease of logging in on one computer to the next and downloading from there. However most have storage limits and will require payments for higher storage capacity.

    External hard drives are also a popular way to transfer all of your local data across, plus then you have a harddrive to store other items when you run out of local space.

    Then there are more technical ways such as ‘cloning’ your computer across to the next one, but this we recommend an expert.

  • How much do computer repairs cost?
  • Super IT Solutions has a flat rate for the first hour of labour and is then broken down into 20 minute increments thereafter. The price of any hardware or software that may be required to carry out the repairs are additional to the labour charges.

    We have no call out fee or travel charges, a helpdesk on offer for quicker remote jobs at a reduced time/rate and we offer Seniors Discount!

  • How long will it take to repair my computer?
  • We aim to have you back up and running within the hour, however sometimes it’s just not possible. After a technician comes out and assess the situation a more accurate time frame can be given.

    Repairs can take from one hour to several and sometimes require hardware replacements or upgrades. Our SuperTechs work hard to ensure if any hardware upgrades are needed, a reasonable timeframe for completion is provided.

    If a few hours are needed to complete the job, our SuperTechs will take the PC or Laptop away with them to complete the tasks, so that you are able to get on with your day. Once the computer or laptop as been repaired, our SuperTech will contact you to work out a suitable time to drop it off.

  • Can my Apple computer be repaired?
  • Yes. We have SuperTechs that are specialised in Apple products, from iPhones and iPads to Mac computers and Macbooks. Depending on if your Apple device is still under warranty, taking it to the Apple store could be your first port of call, however if it isn’t we can provide repairs and solutions for you, at our standard rate.

  • Are computer repairs tax deductible?
  • It depends. If you are using your computer predominantly for a business or working from home, some components or the entire machine may be deductible, however this is a question you would need to check with your accountant to clarify, as there may be limits or other factors that can affect how much can be claimed.

  • Can I claim repairs or replacements from damaged or destroyed computers on my insurance?
  • It depends on your home and contents insurance coverage, however in most cases yes. If you have been affected by storms, flooding, fire, or other devastation, we can come out and repair or replace what has been lost and then you can submit it to your insurer to claim.

    Our SuperTechs will diagnose, replace, or repair what has been lost, they will then provide a letter for your insurance company. You can then submit this letter and the invoice of charges to your insurer, for reimbursement.

Feedback from our satisfied clients

Patient & good communication

Brendan is a good communicator, patient & happy to help. We've have some tricky issues & I have been thankful for his constructive attitude & helpful input. Would be happy to have him call out to us any day!
- Louise

On time, presentable & very helpful

Brenden was on time, presentable and very helpful. He installed our new laptop computer to our satisfaction. We appreciate the service we receive from Super IT Solutions.
- Carolyn

Very good

Very good
- Robin

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