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Interconnecting devices such as computers, game systems, printers, and mobile devices to each other and the internet, is known as a home network.
To set up your home network, you will need a wireless modem or router and an internet connection.

There are a few ways to set up your home network and reasons to do so. From data sharing to home automation, you can have your network set up to suit your needs.

When it comes to network security, a good Anti-virus is key. Anti-virus programs look at data coming though and see things that shouldn’t be going on.

Traditional Antivirus is a dying technology, these programs are set to scan through a database of nasties, determine if something is there and then work to eradicate it. The new End Point Detection software (EDR) stops the attack before it hits your compouter (end point) and prevents your home network from being infected.

A home network is like grocery home delivery, if you are careful about what you bring into your home, (ie. Don’t bring fruit with fruit flies than can spread around your home) your network will be safe.

Types of Home Networks

There are two types of home networks, wired and wireless.

Wired networks are connected via a cable throughout your home, known as an Ethernet cable. These networks can be faster than a wireless network as they are directly connected to the device keeping a steady stream of data flowing through.

Wireless networks are a network of devices set up that use a wireless router that all devices are connected to. These are the preferable option as you can connect your phone, tablet, guests’ devices, smart TV and more to this network and you don’t rely on cables being connected all over your home.

Network Services we can help you with

Super I.T. Solutions can set up your home or office network and connect all your devices including your printer to this network. Our SuperTechs can also provide training and guidance on how to connect future devices to the network and troubleshoot issues you may be facing.

If you are concerned about your network security, we recommend SentinelOne EDR to protect your home or office network.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a VPN?
  • From a risk assessment perspective, no. The risk is that low of an attack to your network that a VPN would be warranted, it would be futile to spend the money.

    Big companies such as banks may not let you log in because of the VPN, as they cannot deem the connection ‘safe’ or local. They also make your PC slower by having to send the data to an offsite region (usually USA or other) then send it back to you again.

  • Do I need a Firewall?
  • From a risk assessment point of view, an attack is low but still not a no, as you would need to be specifically targeted. Antivirus programs have their own firewalls set up as well as the major sites you visit. A good AV will protect the end point (your computer), via a firewall.

  • Do I need AntiVirus on my phone or tablet?
  • Generally, no. Apple devices only allow Apple certified apps and the only way for a direct attack on your device would be from a website visited or a sketchy link clicked via a spam text or message.

  • Do I need a wireless extender?
  • It depends, if you are having Wi-Fi connectivity issues in your home network a wireless extender may help, however your extender won’t make your internet any better, it will only extend the Wi-Fi ‘bubble’ that you have within your home.

    Environmental issues (walls, microwaves etc can all affect the efficacy of a wireless extender anyway, so unless you have a clear open space, your internet connection is most likely the area you would want to improve.

  • How do I connect my printer to my home network?
  • Printers are renowned for being temperamental and tricky, however connecting your printer to your network shouldn’t be. You should be able to access your devices and printers in your PC or laptops control panel, from there you can search for your printer to connect it. Sometimes these devices don’t show up because there may be a driver that needs to be installed, prior to the connection, this is when it gets tricky. If you are having issues connecting your device or printer to your network, give us a call and a SuperTech can not only do this for you, but guide you on how to add more devices as you go.

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