Onsite Computer Repairs

Super IT Solutions is a mobile computer repair business servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Our Knowledgeable and Friendly technicians can assist you, no matter where you purchased your computer. There is no need for you to disconnect all of your computers parts and drag them to a store.

Onsite Computer Repairs
We’ll come to your home or business and fix the problem right in front of you.

Customer Service Centre Operations

The first point of contact for mobile computer repairs is the Super IT Solutions call centre, 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26). Here you will get a friendly live staff member who has full access to our unique database. If you are a new customer seeking mobile computer service, they will get you the closest tech available and if you are an existing customer they will access your file and get a Geek to you within the quickest possible time, usually the same day.

Large knowledge base

Super IT Solutions’ techs have all received the same training for offering mobile computer service and have a wealth of knowledge and experience from their years in the industry.

In the event that one Super IT Solutions’ tech strikes a problem that is not within their experience, they have the ability to call on a large pool of talent located all over the country. Questions posted to our internal tech support bulletin board are routinely answered within minutes by a number of Super IT Solutions’ techs keen to help out with their knowledge.

Our database helps you

We have a unique database of all our clients that can be accessed by all Super IT Solutions’ techs. After a Super IT Solutions’ tech has completed a job they put all details into the clients file in our database. All correspondence between you and Super IT Solutions are always recorded in the database. This way you can be assured that each time a Super IT Solutions’ tech attends, they have access to your full history through that database.