Can I replace my broken laptop screen?

Can I replace my broken laptop screen?

Jun 22 2022

If you have ever damaged a laptop, you may be wondering, ‘can I replace my broken laptop screen’? The answer is, yes! Laptop screens are essentially a monitor on a computer, they are connected via a cable (albeit a lot shorter than your average monitor cable) and then secured to the base of the laptop.

Replacement laptop screens can be sourced for LCD in older laptops or LED replacement in newer models. Even touch screens!

What if there is more than screen damage on my laptop?

Damage to a laptop screen usually occurs by either being dropped, stood on or by closing the lid while something (ie. A mouse) is sitting on the keyboard. Kids are notorious for causing laptop damage as they don’t realise how breakable these devices can be, plus they are so much fun!

Most of the time the damage is limited to the screen. However data loss or corruption can be a factor, especially if dropped while it was powered on. When booting up your laptop (if safe to do so), you notice programs aren’t responding as they should or the initial boot up isn’t working, this could point to more than just screen damage and may require more specialised treatment by a data recovery centre.

How much it will cost to replace my broken laptop screen?

Every laptop has different components and models, so each repair will vary in price. If you have a damaged screen, contacting a computer repair technician. They should be able to quote based on the make and model of your laptop.

Aside from the replacement cost, you will be charged labour. If the damage was caused by accident or affected by storms, flooding, fire, or other devastation, you may be able to claim the replacement and labour charges on your home and contents insurance (depending on the level of cover you have and it’s inclusions)

An IT professional can then come out and repair or replace what has been lost, you pay the invoice and then you can submit it to your insurer to claim. They may also provide a letter for your insurance company. You can then submit this letter and the invoice of charges to your insurer, for reimbursement.

Can I replace it myself?

You can attempt to replace your laptop screen yourself, however this is not advisable. Getting the correct replacement screen, disassembling and reassembling the laptop can get tricky. Not to mention potential data loss if there is more than screen damage. In the end, it may cost you more to repair the damage, plus costs for additional parts. Worst case scenario, you can have loss of data, which is invaluable.

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