Do I need Anti-Virus on my phone?

Do I need Anti-Virus on my phone?

Jul 13 2022

In the world of scam calls, scam texts and emails, you may be wondering if you need anti-virus on your phone.  As iPhones and Androids carry different operating systems, the answers slightly differ, but not by much.

Does an iPhone need an anti-virus?

iPhones use Apples own unique operating system, known as iOS. This operating system has ample security defences by way of a closed network. This means that its own operating system essentially works as its own anti-virus, which prevents third-party apps and scammers from infecting your phone with viruses.

Can my iPhone be hacked?

Although not very common, iPhones can be hacked, usually by way of clicking a suspicious link or website. iPhones are safer than Androids as the iOS has a closed network. Androids use an open-source platform which is more susceptible.
If your iPhone has been hacked, speak with your IT Professional or Apple Genius as soon as possible. Do not use your device until it has been restored, reset, or replaced.

Can my Android phone get a virus?

Androids work on an open-source operating system which includes Google PlayStore. This platform has over 2.2 million apps and games available. The ‘risk’ is slightly higher for malware, however unlikely to be infected by a traditional virus.
Malware would most likely cause things like:
Pop-up ads
Unknown charges
Unexplained apps
An increase in data consumption
Faster draining battery or
Reduced performance

Do I need anti-virus on my iPad?

As iPhones and iPads use the identical iOS operating system, an iPad will not need an anti-virus. Macs on the other hand, use a different operating system called macOS, which does require the protection of an anti-virus.

So, simply put, no you should not need an anti-virus on your smartphone. However, nothing is fool proof, so staying vigilant when it comes to clicking links in texts and emails is still your best defence.

As the world of technology develops and gets smarter, we too need to do the same. Ten years ago a general anti-virus like Trend Micro or Kaspersky were sufficient to block what was coming to you, nowadays using an EDR program like SentinelOne is better at protecting you with its advanced technology. This isn’t saying that traditional Anti-virus platforms aren’t useful, many users find these are capable of filtering what is needed. However, for the bigger companies and end-users there are other options out there.

So when it comes to your iPhone and Android phones, what works now may not in the future so keep updated on developments and take advice from your IT professional if things change.

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