Do you trust the internet?

Should I trust the Internet

One simple question, do you trust the internet? It can be hard to answer given how many different facets the internet has; as an educator peddling overly vetted Wikipedia pages, as an entertainer trapping you in an addictive web of picture galleries and exclusive videos, as a shopping enabler providing tantalising deals that follow you all across the internet, as a social connector that allows you to see and be seen through social media and even as a financial manager giving you the power to move money without talking to a soul. Each of these acts has a different level of trust inherent in it. With that in mind we went out on the street to find out how much people trust the internet.

Some varying levels of trust there. Where do you fall in the trust scale? 1 being I format my computer after every use, making sure to also wipe my fingerprints off it. Through to 10, being I over share everything on the internet without a care in the world, so much so that the internet wants a break. Much like in the real world, it all comes down to your experiences thus far. The gold standard of internet trust can be seen when you go to a website to download a driver or free program and have to participate in a trust exercise to gain the item you want instead of some piece of spyware being installed on your computer. When it comes to clicking on the correct link you now have to be a true detective, studying all the clues to find the one legitimate click that will grant you the file.