Zen and the Art of Cable Management

Zen Cable Management


If you feel stressed out either at work or at home, if you’re on edge all the time, if you experience anxiety attacks or bouts of paranoia; you should read the hugely popular cult novel Zen and the Art of Cable Management.

What is Cable Management?

The majestic art of cable management is a form of Zen, whereby single power cables are cleansed of all their kinks and knots, brought together in a single pure line to provide a pleasing aesthetic and oneness. Another explanation that some people prefer is it’s the act of tying power cables together so they don’t tangle up.

The idea of cleaning up your act can be scary to some, and sure we understand given that tangle of cables has probably been with you as long as your favourite pair of jeans. We also understand that tidy power cables may not be what you’re looking for in some situations, such as right after you’ve just bought a pair of knee pads and want to test them out every time you get up from your desk. Another example is when you’re intentionally trying to use your tangled cables, as a web to capture people.


If however you aren’t trying to trap people, but your web of tangled power cables consistently does, then a little cable management could save you a lot of money and time, defending spurious deprivation of liberty lawsuits by your victims. Not to mention mitigate the risk that you’re constantly running of becoming ensnared in a web of your own design. From which if you don’t instantly die of embarrassment, you will eventually die of dehydration.

So if you don’t want any of those things to happen, you should consider implementing some cable management into your life.