What does RAM do?


When you use a program, much of the files for that program need to be accessed quickly, so your computer temporarily stores those files on your ram to do this. As you open more and more programs at the same time, so does your computer load more files onto the ram. This is why more is better when it comes to RAM.

As RAM is a crucial element to your computer, it is good to know how to manage it. Firstly, Windows will take a fair portion of your ram, often leaving you with less than half of your initial ram remaining.

Programs like Outlook and Internet Explorer use quite a bit of RAM, so the more windows or tabs you have open in these programs, the slower your computer will seem to go. If you like to have copious amounts of windows and tabs open at once, it might be an idea to talk to Super IT Solutions about your needs and the possibility of upgrading your ram. It is a cost effective way of getting more out of your computer. If you find your computer grinding to a halt and closing down programs doesn’t seem to fix it, sometimes the best thing to clear the RAM is a good ole restart.

John Taylor