We Solve For X: The Google Way of Solving Inequalities


One thing for sure is that Google can never be accused of not thinking outside the box.  The search mogul has just unveiled its new project – a discussion space facilitating innovation, breakthroughs and brainstorming called Solve For X. The Solve For X conference will gather minds from across a variety of fields, encouraging the development of technological solutions and radical methods that stretch limits. Never forgetting its motto to ‘do no evil’, Google is setting out to do its utmost good through the conference, which could also rise to be great competition for TED talks.

In other words, Solve For X was formed to solve everything.

The Solve For X project is a product of the Google X labs, a secretive lab of Willy Wonka-like proportions rumoured to be working on driver-less cars and Internet connected appliances. Solve For X has also devised what they call ‘moonshot’ thinking, a perspective that views no problem as being too big to tackle, and no method being too ‘out there’ to implement. It intends to create new ideas and make them happen through cutting-edge technological innovations, with the goal to make a significant difference.

For Solve For X, their definition of ‘radical’ involves what is currently deemed as science fiction, into reality, in order to unravel serious global issues, as explained in their landing video. Some of the problems mentioned include long-term plagues such as cancer, famine and poverty.

The conference is to be viewed as a lecture series, where attendees or viewers can login to through their website. Richard DeVaul, a member of the “[X] Rapid Evaluation team”, hints on his Google+ profile that the videos would be launching today. Devaul, a former prototype scientist at Apple, has also mentioned that the Solve For X conference videos will be shared publicly on YouTube for all to view.