Who is SuperWebGeek Man?


Little is know about his origin, but there are a few stories floating about. One claims that he received his powers when as a mild mannered computer technician he was hit by gamma rays when a nuclear powered internet server exploded while he was working on it. Another story has it that while outside using the internet on his phone he was hit by a bolt of lightning fusing his mind with the internet so he can manipulate it with just his thoughts. Then there is the far fetched story that he went to university and studied I.T. and just has a penchant for dressing up. Irregardless of which story you believe it is well documented that he draws his power directly from the internet, and can weave websites from the WordPress, that are responsive, attractive and well laid out to ensure a great user experience.

He can also help people in distress with e-Commerce, Hosting, SEO and SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing problems. Just want to have a chat, SuperWebGeek likes nothing more than getting out amongst the people, and can offer consulting on how best to thwart your web enemies.

SuperWebGeek Man 630

While working with SuperWebGeek will boost your online presence, it has been know to have another affect; dramatically increase the chance you’ll turn into a SuperWebGeek fanboy or fangirl. Check out this video to see what awaits you.