SuperGeek at Sunrise – Brekkie Central

Peta and Jeremy Thompson were out and about on Saturday – crashing the Sunrise’s team’s party!

SuperGeek Springwood/Kuraby heard that the Sunrise team were coming to Brisbane on Saturday and decided to gate crash the party! Lots of fun was had by all the Thompsons with the Sunrise team, and we also managed to have some chats with a few guests. We had to get up at 4am to beat the traffic. We managed to get to the Sunrise venue at 4:50am and then we scoped out the best spot and sat down to wait for the show to start. It was amazing seeing all the set up for the show. It truly is a huge production. Of course, we had one of our vans there loaded with magnets (quite a few went missing, so we’re very pleased with that!)

Jeremy and Peta with Campbell Newman

Jeremy and Peta had a bit of chat with the candidate for Ashgrove and prospective future Premier of Qld, Campbell Newman. He was humoured by our glasses and told us he sees the SuperGeek vans driving all around Brisbane regularly. He complimented us for being particularly eye catching in a large crowd.

We were very happy with the fabulous people at IGA who put on a huge BBQ and gave away free sausage sandwiches and bacon and egg rolls. We also had lots of water and juice and even Merlo coffee (it warmed Jeremy’s heart!)

Even our mini geeks got into the action and managed to snag photos with their favourite TV presenters.

Brandon and Kochie

Eskimo Joe performed their new single and also their famous hit ‘Red Wine’. They were awesome. Our only disappointment of the day was that we didn’t get to meet Grant Denyer, who was cruising around on one of the City Cats up and down the river all morning.

Peta with Anna Bligh

Peta saw Premier Anna Bligh waiting to go on stage and managed to have a quick chat with her. Again the geek glasses stole the show and I must admit our Premier certainly does know how to make a good impression. I think it was the highlight of Peta’s day to meet the Premier.

Jeremy with Mel from Sunrise
Mel from Sunrise with Brandon
Nat, Mel and Koshie on set - Sunrise