Small Business Outsourcing IT

There have been many articles over the past few years concerning small business outsourcing their IT services.

Rather than battling with vagaries of software, servers, networks and security, many firms are outsourcing everything to an external service provider.

That way you only pay for services when you need them and aren’t forced to take note of all the rapidly changing technologies. You are given the best possible advice, not from a salesperson but from a qualified technician that is employed by you.

At Super IT Solutions we offer a “Corporate” package where we do an initial “computer audit” to collect and organise all the information techs will ask for during a visit which leaves most businesses owners scratching their heads or scrounging through the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. Your serial numbers, passwords, user information, software licenses (and much more) can be very expensive to replace. These will be presented in an easy-to-reference folder for your or a tech’s time-saving access when crucially needed. The “Computer Audit” will further reinforce and identify the needs for improvements in your hardware and potential system performance black-spots. We will then arrange monthly servicing of your computers, which included system checks, cleaning and general maintenance.