broken hard driveHave you ever reformatted a disk drive to find the data hasn’t copied over to another drive properly? Of felt the sinking feeling from a ‘fatal’ disc drive error? Lost all your work and files?

Super IT Solutions can repair and perform data recovery on almost all kinds of hard drives. We perform a range of data recovery techniques so you can get back to work or using your computer for whatever. We repair and perform recovery of lost data on all types of hard drive, though data recovery can be tricky business. The technique of recovering data from any type of media can take as little as a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the state of the hardware. We can also carry out data recovery on USB drives. So, if you have a drive that you have valuable data on and you are unable to recover it for yourself, send it and and we will have a look at it and in most cases. we can also provide you with solutions for backup systems, so we can prevent you from losing your valuable data again.

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