Cloud Backup & Storage

Cloud Backup

Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup refers to an amount of online disk space, issued by a Cloud Storage Service Provider. The provider will have a cluster of scalable servers with interfacing web services that enable users to store and retrieve unlimited amounts of data. Cloud Backups are secure, inexpensive and widely available to store/backup/restore data from PC’s, laptops and servers.

As Cloud Backup is an online storage service, individuals and businesses wanting to use the service require a high bandwidth internet connection. Cloud Backup solutions will allow for time efficient recovery of files, and are ideal for those needing secure backup on a remote service, without the need for infrastructure maintenance.

As data residing on the Cloud Backup solution is located on an external service, the data needs to be protected. Due to this, all Cloud Backup solutions offer Data Encryption facilities; ensuring data is compressed and encrypted, ensuring data is unable to be accessed by others.

Storing data offsite was at one point inadequate and expensive. Since the revolution of Cloud Backup, Super IT Solutions can now provide quality Cloud Backup solutions to individuals and small businesses in a cost effective, hassle free manner.

Cloud Storage

What is cloud based computing?

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data. Instead of having to be at your PC device to access your files, you can upload data from any device to the ‘Cloud’ and then access it anywhere, anytime from any device with an internet connection.

Why use cloud backup & storage?

Imagine all the files and data on your PC disappearing without notice. We all have precious data (files, photos, audio, video, documents etc…) that we hope never to lose. Backing up or copying your data from your PC to the cloud is safe, secure and because it is hosted via the internet means you have full access to your files any time, any where.

Do I need backup or storage?

We recommend you have both. Backing up your PC device means that if something should ever happen to your PC, your data at least is safe. This should be standard practice with any PC device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, server). When your PC hard-drive does fail, you’ll be able to restore files in no time from one of your backups.
Online storage allows you to access your files any time, anywhere with any PC device. You can add, edit, delete and share files 24/7.
(*All Cloud Packages are a minimum 12 months.)