Q. Do you build computers and if I do get a new one, will I lose data on my old computer?

A: Yes, Super IT Solutions do build computers and they can be built to your specifications and in a very short time frame. We offer pre-built PCs or can individually tailor the build to suit your circumstances.

To ensure we offer the best possible service we need to gain a good understanding of the individual needs of you and/or your family members prior to providing you with a written quote.

The computer we build can be tailored in different ways, for example:

  • General day to day user, perhaps with a home office set up and your choice of internet and data protection/system security.
  • Gaming computer, with the latest and greatest parts to ensure superior gaming performance
  • Family computer, with separate logons and folders for each member of the family. We can install high level parental controls on internet use for younger members of the family and advanced security settings for families who have teenagers who access to the internet regularly
  • Provide advice on the effectiveness of wireless connectivity.

Depending on your budget we can either re-load your existing software or make recommendations for higher performing systems, with increased speed and data storage.

All data from your current computer can be transferred across to the new system that you purchase. We also offer a data cleansing service and will work through a desktop cleaning exercise with you prior to the transfer, to delete data no longer required.

We acknowledge that system upgrades can sometimes cause less confident members of the family some concerns, due to the unfamiliarity with new software and changes in exiting program layouts, particularly Windows. We are able to provide training in the use of new software and pre-load links to help pages.

Ben Palmer