Who is your Primary Computer Carer?

If you don’t fix your own computer then you have to rely on a primary computer carer; someone who you call upon to come and fix any computer problems that you get yourself into. These fall into either friends, family or a business like Super IT Solutions, so with that in mind we went out on the street to find out who are the most popular computer carers?

Not unsurprisingly a lot of people rely on their family and friends to help them out, especially the younger generations who are growing up fully immersed in the technology and are pretty savvy. If you don’t feel like you have a geek who can help you either in your family or circle of friends, then you may want to consider aggressively recruiting one.

Marrying your first born away for a lifetime I.T. support dowry is a major commitment though so maybe consider the friendship route first off. Though even that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as you will have to put in work to maintain the relationship, which could include enduring more than a few conversations about the differences between the Game of Thrones books and the TV show, numerous hardware comparison articles being posted to your Facebook, as well as an invitation or two to some LARPing in a park near you.

Tips to befriend a Geek

As a Geek Digger (AKA Geek Gold Digger), finding a Geek can be hard, as the stereotype of the suspender wearing, pocket protecting, calculator carrying geek does not exist. You could pass a level 10 Computer Wizz on the street and not even realise it. So you can only really distinguish a geek by what they say. So next time you’re at the bar or a party, keep your ears open for some computer talk. Anyone who complains about their computer’s motherboard cache or monitor refresh rate is someone to investigate.

You will still need to test if they really are a true geek though, because the world has gotten geekier, meaning just because someone likes science fiction and plays computer games doesn’t mean they know much about fixing computers. So test their I.T. knowledge early on by dropping some innocent questions from a troubleshooting FAQ to which you can check their answers.

If you don’t have any luck in the real world, fortunately there are some places where you can be guaranteed to find a true geek. That’s right online. Anyone answering questions on tech forums like Whirlpool or CNet is someone you want on your team. Check that they’re in your city and start a chat.

If on the other hand you’re a geek and you’re now questioning all of your relationships. Well…. sorry!

For Anyone Else

For anyone who doesn’t have a Primary Computer Carer, or for those times when they can’t help you, get in touch with us. The best thing is we also don’t mind that you only call when you need us.