Power Surges: The Horror Story

Power Surge Victims

Power surges are the bane of all electronics. They can indiscriminately destroy human survival staples such as: 56 inch 3D ready LCD TV’s, with so many pixels there isn’t enough free time in the day to appreciate them all. Two door smart fridges that are so large your whole family could fit inside them, including some extended family. And finally they are also quite capable of rendering a computer with enough processing power to solve for the meaning of life, while simultaneously playing solitaire and watching YouTube videos, into yet another addition to the junk pile in the spare room or garage.

Alternatives to surge protection.


While there are many horror stories about the electronics being fried by power surges, the scariest thing is if you think that you don’t need it. You may think since it’s been a while since you’ve had any of your electronics destroyed by a surge, that surely they don’t happen anymore? While in actuality, they are happening all the time, albeit mostly as small surges, but unfortunately you never know if the next surge is going to be a big one, which will turn your computer into a large paper weight.

Monument to precious metals

It’s not often that our posts come with epilogues, but in this instance we thought it necessary as there is an old fable that needs to be told to keep it alive so it can be passed on to new generations.

THOR: A Tale of Power Surge Protection

For years marauding power surges plagued our technology. Escaping at whim from power station dungeons, these demons preyed on computers, TVs and entertainment centres all across the land, destroying them and feeding off our misery. It wasn’t until all hope was lost, and the world began to go dark, that heroes finally rose up and slotted in.

Thor Surge Protectors, valiant warriors trained in the art of surge protection, stepped in between the surges and our technology, ending the wholesale carnage. But in the blasted lands, far from where any Thor Protector is welcome, the battle continues to rage. Don’t let darkness prevail, find out more about Thor Protectors by clicking on the link below.

Thor Surge Protection