The Perfect Geeky Christmas For Your Clients

Choosing the perfect gift to give your clients has many facets. It needs to be affordable, useful and easy to brand. Let’s be honest. The gift may be a thank you for their clientele and loyalty, but it is also an excuse to keep your brand at the top of their mind. So how do you make it work?

If your customers are the geeky types who love the latest technology you’ll probably be wondering what could be on their most wanted list that would match your budget. Believe it or not, there are many high-tech gifts that even hardcore geeks don’t have.

Geeky Gift Ideas Are Everywhere

You could WOW them with an IP address door mat, a t-shirt complete with a built in WIFI detector, a bum-bag-come gadget holder to allow them to carry their prized possessions ‘hands-free’ or a mini computer tool kit; but I think there is a much better alternative.

Why not knock their knee-high socks off with a gift that will not only celebrate their interests but also be a perfect match for the person who controls the purse strings.

The Perfect Geeky Gift Revealed

The perfect gift for your geeky clients this Christmas is, without a doubt, the humble USB stick. Now, I’m not talking a plain simple boring looking device. I’m talking one that looks like your company mascot. One that is a mini replica of your product or a uniquely designed shape that reflects who you are. They have come a long way since they were invented in 1999. You’d be surprised at the way they can be customized and transformed into almost anything.

The Win-Win Scenario

So why is this such a good idea? Simple. Techies always need more storage. In fact USB sticks are so versatile most of us have at least one lurking around the home or office. We rely on them due to their lightweight, pocket size portability. We use them to store and backup documents, music and photos.

As well as their versatility, offering your clients a USB stick is actually a powerful promotional tactic in disguise. Win-win don’t you think?

A USB stick also has a quirky aspect to it. It probably is not the most commonly wrapped Christmas gift but it will get people talking. Of course, one of the problems with these memory sticks is that they are very easy to lose. One way to avoid this is to pair it with a lanyard or key chain.

You could always give other geeky gifts, but they would never have the impact that a well designed, logo imprinted USB stick will have. It will make a great impression on your brand, your geeky clients will love you for it because they love geeky gadgets and it ticks all the right boxes. Handy. Easy To Brand. Affordable.


Written By Cynthia Lee
My Name is Cynthia and I love my work @ Zoomstix. Away from work I enjoy good food and keeping up to date with the latest technology and gadgets. I also enjoy the outdoors nature as well as furry animals big and small like Pandas!