How Should I Clean my Laptop?

When it comes to keeping your laptop in good, working order, giving it a clean every now and again can work wonders. It can also keep it looking tidy and smear free, which can be a pleasing sight to you regular laptop users! To help make sure you don’t break any golden rules or unwittingly […]

Is NBN Internet Connection Faster than Cable in Australia?

Cable vs NBN With the National Broadband Network (NBN) still being rolled out, it’s fair to say that while some Australians are in the know, there are still a lot who aren’t. To help you get a better understanding of NBN, its benefits and the differences between it and existing cable networks, we’ve got the […]

What malware can do to your computer?

The threat to computer users has been rising in recent years and we’re now at the point where the different dangers all have their own names. But, many of us don’t really know the differences between them all. To make it all seem a little less scary and a lot more understandable, we’re giving you […]

Best Internet Security Program for Your PC

When it comes to keeping your PC or laptop secure, you need to ensure you have the right security program installed and monitoring everything, closely. For most people, computer-related security programs, means antivirus. But, while antivirus software can keep your hardware safe from a large list of threats – few of them cover all the […]

The iPhone 7: Is It Worth It?

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7. This new gadget has made several promises in terms of upgrades over the iPhone 6S: camera improvements, better battery life (on average a bit less than two hours more than the iPhone 6S) and crisper audio. The pre-order season started on September 9th, and shipping starts from […]

windows 10

Windows 10: A blend of Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft recently revealed the latest version of its OS- Windows 10. With an aim to unify OS for tablets and PC’s because of the growing trend which involves people purchasing a tab along with a lightweight keyboard, Microsoft has made efforts to simplify a few complicated features of Windows 8. It has also introduced a […]

Cloud Backup

Everyone knows that you should be backing up your data, but that unfortunately doesn’t translate into everyone regularly doing it. The reason for this is pretty simple, it’s a chore, it’s not fun to do and it’s easy to ignore, as the consequences of your inaction aren’t visible; unlike with other chores in your life […]

Book of Passwords

Trying to remember all your passwords can be near impossible, especially if you’ve followed the password security protocol of not using the same password for every account. Given all the online services these days your number of passwords can easily begin to run into double digits, which unless you’re a password savant makes it hard […]

Do you Backup your Computer?

Ask yourself, do you backup your data all the time, sometimes or never have time? Then ask yourself how well do you back it up, once, twice, thrice? If you just got indignant that we would ask such a silly question, because obviously you backup all the time on three separate formats, then we do […]

Who is SuperWebGeek Man?

Little is know about his origin, but there are a few stories floating about. One claims that he received his powers when as a mild mannered computer technician he was hit by gamma rays when a nuclear powered internet server exploded while he was working on it. Another story has it that while outside using […]

Do you trust the internet?

One simple question, do you trust the internet? It can be hard to answer given how many different facets the internet has; as an educator peddling overly vetted Wikipedia pages, as an entertainer trapping you in an addictive web of picture galleries and exclusive videos, as a shopping enabler providing tantalising deals that follow you […]

Zen and the Art of Cable Management

If you feel stressed out either at work or at home, if you’re on edge all the time, if you experience anxiety attacks or bouts of paranoia; you should read the hugely popular cult novel Zen and the Art of Cable Management.

Printer Error 138626

Getting a printer error is one of the most frustrating aspects of home computing. Nowadays with smartphones and tablets there isn’t as much of a need to print things such as movie tickets, hotel booking reservations or concert ticket confirmations, as you can just show it to staff on your device. So when you need […]

Who is your Primary Computer Carer?

If you don’t fix your own computer then you have to rely on a primary computer carer; someone who you call upon to come and fix any computer problems that you get yourself into. These fall into either friends, family or a business like SuperGeek, so with that in mind we went out on the […]

Tired of Seeing ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

If you’re getting tired of seeing people dumping buckets of iced water over their head, then you should check out the new Computer Ice Bucket Challenge.

Super Secret Skill Revealed

It’s no secret that we love everything and anything to do with computer repairs, however recently some of their other passions have been revealed. These include but are no way limited to catfishing, rodent taxidermy and founding hammock appreciation societies. Now while most of these expertise don’t translate very well to other areas of life, […]

When Computer Repair gets Extreme

Over the course of your life using computers, you’ve no doubt run into a few different problems. Most of those will have been small errors, such as a missing, yet integral desktop icon which can be easily fixed via a Google search. Every once in a while though, problems can arise that aren’t an easy […]

Is Your Computer Really Slow?

When our computers begin to play up most of us are not in a position to figure out what’s wrong let alone fix it, but as with our own personal health issues no one can resist some good old fashion self diagnosis on the internet. Unfortunately it isn’t very reliable though, personally, the number of […]

Power Surges: The Horror Story

Power surges are the bane of all electronics. They can indiscriminately destroy human survival staples such as: 56 inch 3D ready LCD TV’s, with so many pixels there isn’t enough free time in the day to appreciate them all. Two door smart fridges that are so large your whole family could fit inside them, including […]

5 Tips to make your internet speed as fast as possible

Internet speed is climbing in terms of it’s importance to our existence, right now it sits just below the air we breathe, but it will probably overtake that in 2015. In Australia though, unless you’re in the middle of the city or lucky enough to be in one of the select few spots that the […]