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Brendan is a good communicator, patient & happy to help. We've have some tricky issues & I have been thankful for his constructive attitude & helpful input. Would be happy to have him call out to us any day!
- Louise

On time, presentable & very helpful

Customer Testimonials
Brenden was on time, presentable and very helpful. He installed our new laptop computer to our satisfaction. We appreciate the service we receive from Super IT Solutions.
- Carolyn

Very good

Customer Testimonials
Very good
- Robin

Super IT Solutions have provided computer service to thousands of Brisbane customers since 2004. We guarantee our work and deliver a service second to none.

We offer service to all the major brands including: Toshiba, HP, Sony, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Acer and Apple. We provide services for laptops, desktops and notebooks.

We support the following brands and more

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Super IT Solutions can help solve your computer problems

Try these straight forward self help fixes. If you are more comfortable calling Super IT Solutions for help, please do. We are always happy to help

Fixing a slow computer

The first step is to check that your computer is the source of the problem. Videos that take ages to buffer and websites that take ages to show, may not be your machine’s fault. Try a speed test with

If the problem is your PC, you should check whether you have plenty of free space on the hard drive. With Windows and all your software, your device may be struggling on the performance and does not have enough to store files you create. Clearing some space will help or adding an external hard drive to store files, data and images will help. You can call Super IT Solutions on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26) to ask for some help.

Computer overheating

Believe it or not, your computer generates heat in the processor even though it has no moving parts. The heat is a bi-product of electrical energy. The more demand, or programs you are using, the more work the processor has to do. If you notice that your machine is very hot and you cannot hear the processor fan running, then you should shut it down and call Super IT Solutions on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26).

Your computer keeps shutting down or restarting without prompting

Firstly, ensure your system is all up to date. If this is up to date and does not require any further updates it may be a hardware problem. Graphic Cards, network cards, motherboards and hard drives are critical to the smooth running of your machine.

Blue screen

If you have ever experienced the fatal blue screen before, you can easily understand how serious the implications are. Apart from the inconvenience of not having a working computer, there is every chance you may not be able to recover your precious photos, files or work.

Call Super IT Solutions on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26).

Computer freezes

Every now and again you may find your computer freezing or stopping, especially as it gets older. This can also be related to the hard drive. As more and more data are stored on the hard drive, as documents are opened, changed, and closed, you download your holiday pics or weekend images from your phone, you trawl the internet, you read and send email. All of this activity generates small pieces of information that need to be stored. Unfortunately, on occasion the hard drive head cannot access the information readily or some of the data is missing and this may be the cause of the device freezing.

This is one of the most common reasons but there are a number of other issues which may cause your computer to freeze. Call Super IT


Whatever computer problem you have… you can depend on Super IT Solutions to help you solve IT

Super IT Solutions, a local Australian computer service business, works around Brisbane to ensure the support of the computing and IT needs. We will happily come to your home or your office, wherever you are in Brisbane, there is no need to disconnect or transport any of your equipment, we are a mobile service! We help solve large-scale system and IT issues, as well as your PC problems and troubles. We will explain every step of the process to you so that you become more familiar and confident with your own computer system, we are here to support you.

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