Celebrating the Life of Windows XP


Since April 8th 2014 Microsoft has stopped providing support for Windows XP. This means no security updates which has a lot of the people still running XP also running scared. There’s only one thing you can do to feel safe again and that is upgrade to either Windows 7 or 8, which depending on the age of your PC may also require a new computer. While you ponder that, we thought we wouldn’t look on the doom and gloom of Windows XP’s passing, but instead focus on the good times as we;

Where is XP Going?

Before we start crying about our dear friend we took some time to find out about Data Heaven, the place where XP is going.


Eulogise Windows XP

Dear Windows XP, my friend. I don’t feel any shame in letting you know that the rolling hills of my childhood were those seen in your default desktop background. I think fondly of them every time I consider going for a walk, before instead staying at my computer and watching YouTube videos.

Windows XP and I became friends in 2003, I was coming off a bad relationship with Windows ME, which had promised me so much, for one it claimed it was the operating system of the new millennium, but it was just lies. But with you I found my operating system soul mate.

In the beginning like with any new relationship there was a lot of feeling each other out, there were parts of me that I wasn’t comfortable sharing early on, I didn’t know how you would take my extensive collections of raw tiff cat photos or the complex web of file associations from the more than 15 music players that I would install. I remember fondly my first blue screen of death with XP, I had foolishly tried to click on the start button. I had a great deal to learn about you too.

We’ve been through some tough times, but you always had my back and I always had yours. Like the time I turned on my computer after putting in some new hardware to find that you had been declared fraudulent by Windows Genuine Advantage. How dare Microsoft say that about you I thought. I’d had your back though and I endured those long conversations with Microsoft technical support until you were declared legitimate once more. I nearly think they did it because no one was calling them due to your excellent performance as an operating system, so they were just looking for someone to talk to them …or in this case abuse them.


I promised myself I wouldn’t cry….. But this brings back the feelings that I had in the summer of 2009 when I thought I’d lost you. I still think about that day the power went out while you were installing non-critical updates. I will forever anguish over why I took such risks installing the Spanish, German and Arabic language packs even though I didn’t speak any of them. But you wouldn’t leave me though and eventually after days of different system recovery tools you came back. You were never quite the same though, you no longer showed image thumbnails and 5 Internet Explorer tabs and you were flat on your ass.

Over the years XP, you and I viewed our fair share of websites and downloaded our fair share of files, but after over 10 years together I was starting to notice that you were becoming a bit forgetfully, often you couldn’t find where you’d placed shortcut’s .exe files, or you would blue screen, claiming it was someone called the Kernel’s fault. I didn’t like to see you like that, and I’m glad that you’ve now moved on to a better place, Data Heaven, where you can once again lord it over the old DOS based operating systems for eternity.

New Beginnings

Now that XP has left it’s a time of fresh beginning, if you feel that you’re ready to move on to a newer version of Windows then a SuperGeek can come out to you and install it.