Keeping your computer free of viruses

The first line of defence in keeping your computer running fast and healthy is a good anti-virus program. While having an anti-virus program installed will be a much greater help than having nothing at all, there really is no completely fail safe method for keeping viruses out.

There are many “rogue” programs that disguise themselves as anti-virus programs when they actually a virus themselves. Some to definitely keep away from are AntiVirus2008, Antivirus2009, AntiVirusPro and a new one making the rounds, AntiVirus2010.

Once you have chosen your anti-virus program, it is imperative that you keep it up to date. Generally programs are set to automatically receive updates on their own. You should leave this option in place to prevent forgetting to manually update on your own. In addition, most programs are set by default to do a daily scan at a set time. It is ok to change this setting so that your computer will be scanned during a time that your computer is normally on

If you need help picking your anti-virus software call us on [xyz-ihs snippet=”superit-phone”] or send us a message. Remember, even the best programs will not always keep you safe. If you already have a virus you can’t get rid of, it may be time to call a professional before it gets worse.