How to spot Pirate Microsoft Software

Arr! Tips On Pirate Spotting

Ever wondered if the software copy you bought was a fake? Here are some tips to help ease your mind, and to watch out for in the future.  We used a pirated copy of Microsoft Office we found, as a guide.

Always be sure to check the labels on the top of the packaging, and if stated that it is made anywhere else but Singapore, you’re holding a pirated copy.

The printing on the CD itself is also a great indicator of its authenticity. Make sure that the holographic imaging and words on it are clear and well positioned, and that there is no blurring or ring around the centre.

Otherwise, call Microsoft or the company that produces the software, and they would be able help verify disc’s product key. In Australia, Microsoft’s phone number is 132058.

Or if ever in doubt, give us a call at [xyz-ihs snippet=”superit-phone”], and we would be more than happy to help you out.

How to spot Pirate Microsoft Software