Hackers claiming to know your password?

Have you received an email from a hacker claiming to know your password?

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Scam Alert
An email from a scammer
You’ve probably received a spam email where a hacker claims to have installed software on your PC… and used it to get your email password.

Usually, this is untrue & they’ve obtained your password from a website that’s been hacked recently. Since many people use the same password for many things, this may also be your email password.

If you have been using the same password for years, it can feel difficult to change it after so long a time, however it’s quite important to do so.

If the password actually is your current password for anything , we recommend that you change it immediately.
When changing your password, we strongly recommend that you don’t re-use the password that you’ve chosen for your email account password for any other services / websites.

Then, if a website gets hacked again, the hackers will only get the password you’ve used for that website.

We also recommend that have active AntiVirus protection on all PCs that you use, to be safe & protect them from all infections like the ones claimed in the email.