Geek Your Tree

Lego Star Wars Ornaments fixed into clear balls and tied with ribbon these ornaments are perfect for any fan. Available from

lego star wars ornaments

Flashing LED Ball Ornament. Message scrolls flashing around the shiny ball. Choice of 8 different messages. Available from


Each string has 10 LED lights that bear Kirk’s image on one side and the Star Trek logo on the other side. 30″ lead wire, 12″ spacing, 4 replacement bulbs and 2 spare fuses. Available from


From Etsy, these decorations are perfect for anyone who has ever played a video game.


From Nigels Eco store, these recycled decorations sparkle under your tree’s fairy lights


Not only can you get your children favourite cartoon character as an ornament but the more “adult” cartoons and comic book characters are widely available too. Just do a Google search of the character you are looking for and you might be in luck.

cartoon ornaments

DIY! Really simple! Make these yourself