Boxing Computers

Does your Computer Need a Touch Up?

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On Friday the 13th of June 2014 two techs, Michael Wilson and Colin Adams fought in a charity boxing match to raise money for the Brisbane Children’s Hospital. They each had a rigorous training regime coming up to the night, not including the hours they spent playing boxing computer games. We got in backstage to have a chat with them to see how they were feeling and to let them know that if they got knocked out they wouldn’t re-spawn back at the start, to which they were visibly shocked; hopefully they don’t carry that with them into the fight.


The Truth About Violence Against Electronics

When electronics screws up, it can be extremely tempting to resort to violence and give it a thump, a whack or even the ultimate disrespect, a slap. This action though cathartic for yourself, is not going to repair your device. 20 years ago when electronics relied on vacuum tubes and large capacitor components, maybe it helped, just maybe. Nowadays though with super tiny transistors, resistors and ISO undecillion manufacturing standards, the chances are your blow will only cause more problems for you.

So here are a few other options.

Don’t give your Device a Slug, Give it a Hug

You can be a harsh task master when it comes to your device, demanding that it perform all kinds of menial tasks with little gratitude. But just like people, if you show them respect and decency then they will reward you in kind. So open your heart strings and give your device a public display of affection.

Hug not Slug

Kissing is also acceptable, But NO TONGUE!


Perform a Power Cycle.

Going to sleep is the best way to revitalise yourself after a demanding day, and this is exactly the same with devices; though they only need a 10 second nap to restore them. While it’s easy to be jealous of this and torture your device using sleep deprivation techniques, don’t stoop to that level!

Check out this article and give your device the power nap it deserves.

Power Nap

Reload & Refresh

Much like hardware components get worn out through repetitive use, so too does the software which forms the operating system. Whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows they all degrade over time, so if things start going wrong then getting a fresh start by restoring your phone to its factory settings, or re-installing windows can make all the difference. You should however only do this if you know what you’re doing, as there is the possibility of losing data and all your social, email and network settings. But if you have a problem and can’t fix it, you can always call Super IT Solutions on [xyz-ihs snippet=”superit-phone”].