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PC, Mac & laptop repairs in Brisbane. Having computer problems & need a solution ASAP? Same day service & no call out fees… Super IT Solutions comes to you!

Whether you need PC repairs, laptop computer repairs Brisbane or even computer support, our experienced computer technicians at Super IT Solutions can help you!

We offer computer repairs and service in Brisbane to all the major brands including: Toshiba, HP, Sony, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Acer and Apple. Our technicians provide services for laptops, desktops and notebooks. We are fully qualified to repair and service all of your computer repair needs and ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service before we leave.

Super IT Solutions’ 10 most requested computer repairs in Brisbane

  1. Computer is running slow
  2. Internet speed is slow.
  3. Solving a virus infection
  4. Computer overheating
  5. Computer shutdown
  6. Blue screen
  7. Noises from the computer
  8. Computer freezes and locks
  9. Software does not work
  10. Internet connection problem

Super IT Solutions have been providing laptop & computer repairs to thousands of Brisbane (QLD) customers since 2004. Our computer repairs Brisbane technicians come to you, will efficiently diagnose your computer problems and are able to provide a solution to get you up and running quickly and economically. We guarantee our work and deliver computer repair services in Brisbane that are second to none.

We support the following brands, and more…

Computer repairs, Apple, Acer, Asus, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba
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Computer Repairs Brisbane, QLD 4000

If you are searching for a computer repair company in Brisbane, Super IT Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help you. We provide computer repair services for all desktop, laptop, Apple Mac computer systems and mobile tablets and notebooks.

Super IT Solutions is a local Brisbane computer repair business and has computer technicians all around the Brisbane area to ensure the support of the growing computing and IT needs of this vibrant city. We will happily come to your home or your office to repair your computer, wherever you are, there is no need to disconnect or transport any of your equipment, we are a mobile service!

We can help you with set-up of your computer, installation of hardware and software, build your network at home or office. We can repair, upgrade and supply hardware, printers, routers, scanners, networking equipment as needed, and explain every step of the process to you so that you become more familiar and confident with your own computer system, we are here to support you.

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Fixing a slow computer

The first step is to check that your computer is the source of the problem. Videos that take ages to buffer and websites that take ages to show, may not be your computer’s fault. Your internet connection may be the cause in this case. Try a speed test with This will let you know if your internet connection is slower than expected.

If the problem is your PC, you should check whether you have plenty of free space on the hard drive. With Windows and all your software, your computer may be struggling on the performance and does not have enough to store operating software, productivity software and files you create. Clearing some space will help or adding an external hard drive to store files, data and images will help. For computer repairs in Brisbane, call Super IT Solutions on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26) to ask for some help upgrading your PC or improving the performance through hardware.

Internet speed is slow

A quick speed test with will let you know if your internet connection is slower than your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is telling you. On occasion, the modem may be the cause. Home users – try switching off the modem for a minute. Then switch it back on and allow enough time for the modem to restart its settings and connect.

Pop-up windows, malware or computer malfunction.

If your computer is not protected by antivirus software, a firewall, or both… it’s time to get that fixed. In today’s IT savvy world, there are unfortunately a vast array of computer hackers, software writers and fraudsters. Protecting your computer from having problems with performance or failure is so easy with the latest antivirus software. Take action now.

If you are unlucky enough to get a virus or malware program on your computer, call Super IT Solutions on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26) to get the virus removed. Super IT Solutions’ Computer Repairs Brisbane team can also help you to install the antivirus software as well.

Anti Spam and Email

Protecting your computer from malware with a reputable anti virus software program will help keep those irritating emails at bay and will also reduce the number of problems of email spam that we seem to waste considerable time filtering manually. If you want to find out more about protecting your personal information and keeping those annoying emails out of your email client give us a call on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26) or use our chat feature on the page to speak to a friendly Brisbane Super IT Solutions technician.

Computer overheating

Believe it or not, your computer generates heat in the processor even though it has no moving parts. The heat is a bi-product of electrical energy. The more programs you are using, the more work the processor has to do. If you notice that your computer is very hot and you cannot hear the processor fan running, then you should shut down the computer and call Super IT Solutions. We can replace the fan or check whether the system is working properly. Overheating is a common occurrence for computer repairs in Brisbane.

Your computer randomly shuts down or restarts without prompting

Firstly, ensure your system is all up to date with current software, including operating system (Windows), productivity software (Microsoft Office etc), and driver software (for printers, modems etc). If this is up to date and does not require any further updates it may be a hardware problem. Computer hardware problems are a little harder to diagnose. Graphic Cards, network cards, motherboards and hard drives are critical to the smooth running of your computer.

In this, and for other computer repairs in Brisbane, it may be more economic to have a Super IT Solutions tech visit your home or workplace to check your computer for faulty hardware or incompatible software. Either way, you will find calling a Super IT Solutions technician is the most economic way get your computer repaired.

Blue screen

If you have ever experienced the fatal blue screen before, you can easily understand how serious the implications are. Apart from the inconvenience of not having a working computer, there is every chance you may not be able to recover your precious photos, files or work. Data recovery may be the last resort, but there is every chance we can recover your data for you if no other fixes are found to be successful.

Call Super IT Solutions on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26).

Computer is clicking or making noises

This may be a warning sign that your computer will shortly stop working! Very little in the computer relies on moving parts. Your hard drive and processor cooling fan are usually the only pieces of hardware that run during the whole time your computer is switched on. The fan generally only makes a noise because it is pushing air around the processor. The hard drive constantly runs at somewhere between 5000 and 12000 rpm. They are finely balanced machines which rely on precision to accurately read data stored on the surface of a disk.

Under normal circumstances, you will only hear the hard drive powering up when you first switch on your computer. After that, there is very little noise. If you start hearing a clicking noise or a slight scraping noise, this may be the heads touching the hard drive disk. This not something that you can ignore, because at some point in the near future your disk will fail. You should stop using your computer immediately. Having a backup drive or external hard drive where your backup is stored will now be your saviour. If you do not have a backup drive, call Super IT Solutions for advice on the best way to backup your data, photos, files or work.

Computer freezes

As your computer gets older, every now and again you may find your computer freezing or stopping. As more and more data is stored on the hard drive of your computer, as documents are opened, changed, and closed, you download your holiday pics or weekend images from your phone, you trawl the internet, you read and send email. All of this activity generates small pieces of information that need to be stored. Unfortunately, on occasion the hard drive head cannot access the information readily or some of the data is missing and this may be the cause of the computer freezing.

This is one of the most common reasons for computer repairs in Brisbane, but there are a number of other issues which may cause your computer to freeze. Call Super IT Solutions, on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26) , for a quick helpful chat about possible computer repairs.

Internet connection problems

Now who hasn’t had their fair share of internet problems. From changing providers to changing technologies. ADSL, Cable, Modems, routers, ISP’s, network cards, bluetooth, wireless. These are all the phrases banded around by the internet industry (and a whole lot more), but lets try and not get too technical.

Today, there seems to be much reliance on self help, Setting up modems or routers, loading software and connecting are on the whole automated. It is generally when something doesn’t work that it gets more complex. If you need help with wireless connectivity or your computer just isn’t connecting, for computer repairs Brisbane, call Super IT Solutions on 13 TOBOOK (13 86 26) and we’ll come to you!

When you need computer repairs in Brisbane… you can depend on Super IT Solutions to help you solve IT!