When Computer Repair gets Extreme

Over the course of your life using computers, you’ve no doubt run into a few different problems. Most of those will have been small errors, such as a missing, yet integral desktop icon which can be easily fixed via a Google search. Every once in a while though, problems can arise that aren’t an easy fix, such as when the internet stops working, meaning Googling a solution is not an option. In these situations you most likely will need to get professional computer repair. In some more extreme instances though, one professional computer technician might not be enough, and this is when you need an elite computer squad… such as the I.T.eam.

I.T.eam Extreme Response

The I.T.eam

In 1992 a crack information technology team formed a company to help businesses and everyday people with their tech support needs. These men were promptly branded SuperGeeks due to their impressive knowledge and awkward social abilities.

Wanted by the government to set up networks, these geeks survive despite charging no call out fee and having very reasonable hourly rates.

If you have a computer problem, and no one else can help, if you have a phone or if you can get online and find them, you will definitely be able to hire: The SuperGeek I.T.eam

I.T.eam Extreme Response Desktop Image


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