Cloudy with a Chance of Office 365

If you’re job involves processing words, tabling numbers or presenting words and numbers (82.3% of Australians*(Not a real statistic, but surely it’s close to the mark!)), chances are you’ve been using Microsoft Office to do it. If you’ve been at it for years then you’ve no doubt become so adroit at its use, that you have a few land speed word processing records on the mantle.

However as the internet becomes an ever more integral part of business operations, businesses are now having to be faster and more flexible to compete, meaning having Word and all it’s associated files locked down to a desktop isn’t going to cut it. Which is why Microsoft has made everything that you liked in the old Office, added some new features and put it in the cloud, calling it Office 365.

Check out some of the features



First off here’s a common office scenario that illustrates Office 365’s advantages.

Pirates have abducted your boss. What she was doing sailing in treacherous waters off the coast of Somalia while she should have been at her desk writing a Powerpoint presentation on risk management, IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! Let HR sort that out. All you need to know is that the only way to save the day, (not your boss, they’re done for), is to finish off the Powerpoint presentation she was working on. But OH NO! You’re currently on vacation, laying on a beach in Fiji, without your computer!

A couple of years ago that would have been an untenable position and you would not have been able to rise to the challenge, finish the job and wrest your boss’s job from their cold dead hands. But now thanks to Office 365 all those issues are in the past, including piracy, though not the right kind for your imaginary boss.

So here are five other reasons to switch to Office 365

The ELF (Email Liberation Front)

Your emails soar like majestic eagles across the internet to find you, only to be tethered to your hard drive for the rest of their life. With Office 365 they can finally be free to glide on the eternal updrafts of internet bandwidth as nature intended them to.

Meaning, no longer will your emails resent being split up from their brother and sister emails because you’ve accessed your email on different devices all over town. With Office 365 your emails will stay together in the cloud, for which they will reward you by being accessible anywhere you can get internet. They’ll also never again clone themselves and trying to grab your attention by pretending you haven’t read them.

The outlook from your cubicle in the sub basement office suite might not be the best, but from the cloud it’s glorious and your emails will appreciate it.


Microsoft have brought us some great communication tools over the years with their messenger and skype programs, and now they’ve integrated those tools into Office 365. Meaning instant messaging, audio and video communication channels are now directly available, so you can communicate with colleagues or clients while sharing and collaborating on a document. The only draw back is, it will be too easy to communicating too much.

“Come on Carol, those profit projections for 2014-2019, TMI Carol, TMI”


SkyDrive is now OneDrive

All across the internet “The Cloud Wars” doth rage, don’t worry we’re not talking about a data on data melee which would be such a too horrific to imagine. No we’re talking about the myriad of cloud storage companies vying for the privilege of storing your precious data.

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about which cloud storage offsets the colour of your eyes, because Office 365 comes with it’s own cloud storage called OneDrive. So if you’re working on a document it will be stored on OneDrive, and when you share it, you and others will be able to access and work on the same file at the same time. Alleviating any confusion as to which document is the most current, while providing the ability to go back to previous version, and also regular autosaves.

You will still be able to choose to work offline, but we wouldn’t recommend that, as you could quickly be labelled a loner and become a pariah for name calling around the office.

As well as all that there is the added security of storing files on the cloud locked away behind a password and in the future D.N.A. scanning nanobots that will live on the surface of your retina.

Share Point

You were taught in school that sharing is a great way to make friends, and that is also true in business. Share Point is there to facilitate collaboration by giving you the tool to control access to your documents with a few clicks. Meaning you can provide different usage rights to different user, such as allowing to only read it, or give editing privileges, as well as the ability for them to on share it. Allowing you and your team to work together simultaneously on any of the office programs. It also means you to see who, if anyone is working on the same document right now as well as what they’re doing. Which really lends itself to giving them a hoy on Lync, to tell them to back off that carefully worded pun you’ve just spent 2 hours slaving over for opening slide of the presentation.

Share Point also allows for people to share calendars, so no more synchronising swatches at the start of the day.

Office Web Apps

And finally the last reason is, that it has updated versions of the all the programs that you’ve become so proficient in; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access. Your efficiency will be reduced if you have to learn new spreadsheet shortcut keys, not to mention the anxiety attacks you’ll suffer from having to write a proposal using notepad.

So just like a Pixar film, with Office 365 there’ll be a happy ending.