The Super IT Solutions Cloud Essentials products are perfect for home users, students and/or small businesses. With up to 2 TB of storage space, the ability to backup unlimited computers and with prices starting from only $99.50 a year (or $9.95 a month), your precious data can be safe and sound after a quick 5 minute setup.


  • Simple, secure online backup! Instant email installation
  • Schedule regular backups to take place while you sleep!
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Backup as many computers as you want
  • Works with all Windows & Mac PCs


  • Instant email installation
  • See the same files on every PC
  • Adds a new drive to each PC, very easy to use
  • Access your files online from anywhere (via the Internet)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • View photos, documents and movies online
  • Share your files with friends and family
  • Install it on as many computers as you want
  • Works with all Windows & Mac PCs

Backup & Storage

  • Combine the two services into one easy-to-use portal
  • Auto schedule backups on all your PCs while storing up to 2 TB in storage!
Pay yearly and get 12 months for the price of 10!
Backup Only
Up to 100 GB*
 $9.95 $99.50
Storage Only500 GB$9.95$99.50
Storage Only1 TB $14.95 $149.50
Storage Only1.5 TB $19.95 $199.50
Storage Only2 TB $24.95 $249.50
Backup and Storage500 GB $19.95 $199.50
Backup and Storage1 TB $24.95 $249.50
Backup and Storage1.5 TB$29.95$299.50
Backup and Storage2 TB$34.95$349.50
Add a NAS device (funtionality)Each NAS$14.95$149.50

*$5.00 per month for each additional 100 GB of data