Cloud Computing: What is it?

What is Cloud Computing?Cloud computing is touted as the next big thing in the world of technology, but what is it exactly?

Cloud computing is when computing functions, such as data storage or operating tasks, are effectively ‘outsourced’ over the internet to another computer. It seems a bit strange to do this, but it has a wide range of applications.

Let’s say that you download a song to your phone and so you can listen to it on the way home from work. When you get home, you would have to transfer that song to your other devices, such as your laptop or tablet computer. With cloud computing, the song can be instantly downloaded to your home computer, tablet or any other device you choose. It’s handy because you can access your files from anywhere! It also lets computers work together on really big tasks they can’t do alone.

Cloud computing lets all your internet connected devices work together so you can access all your movies, music, calendars and address books from anywhere you are. You can also have a shared hard drive on your home network, that lets you access and share other users files. It’s the next step in making us more connected and making our lives easier. Cloud computing could also facilitate easy screen sharing, so technically, a SuperGeek could remotely access your computer (with your permission) and help you fix the problem without having to visit you! It’s exciting stuff, but still a while off for consumer to start seeing that kind of service!

One of the most popular cloud services at the moment is iCloud from Apple. iCloud will synchronise all your movies, music, calendar entries and contact book across all your devices. It saves you time synching or manually downloading the files onto your other devices. They are all there waiting for you. You can also easily pull files from the ‘cloud’ onto your smartphone or tablet computer. Do you think you would find use for could computing services like iCloud?