Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Everyone knows that you should be backing up your data, but that unfortunately doesn’t translate into everyone regularly doing it. The reason for this is pretty simple, it’s a chore, it’s not fun to do and it’s easy to ignore, as the consequences of your inaction aren’t visible; unlike with other chores in your life which impact upon you right from the start, gradually increasing in their annoyance until you just can’t take it anymore and cave into their demands, and clean up that spilt chocolate milk.

What The Cloud can offer you.

You don’t wait for a major disaster like a friend getting lost in the long grass at your backyard BBQ, before you mow the lawn. No, you mow the lawn because it starts to look long, of course leaving it until just before it gets so long your lawn mower will break merely at the sight of it. You also don’t wait until a new species of life has evolved in the sink on your unwashed dishes and begins asking you for a toll just to get to the pantry before you wash the dishes. No you clean them because you and others need to be able to use them and the sink, though maybe you give it a chance at life first, but it has to be a quick evolver, after seven days you will definitely get around to doing the dishes. So without tangible consequences of failing to backup right before your eyes, you need to be the one reminding yourself of them and be proactive about stopping them.
There is no shortages of horror stories out there about people losing their data, but unfortunately their effects on your fade quite quickly. So in order to regularly inspire dread you can set up regular calendar updates that re-introduce you to some of the more frightening statistics, or sign up to a backup horror story email mailing list, or if you need something more personal, just wait until you suffer a catastrophic failure, then take a photo of your sad face and set it as your screensaver. While there are ways to retrieve lost data, such as with the Super IT Solutions’ Data Recovery Centre, that should only be a last resort. But if you can’t get your data back from the cloud , then recovery is the only other option. Sure, you can always try recovering the data yourself, but the methods available to you won’t be as sophisticated as Super IT Solutions’ Data Recovery techniques.

So in a world where our devices are set to fail 100% of the time, the saviour to our collective backup laziness is The Cloud. The reason for this is that with the Super IT Solutions Cloud Backup for example you are able to install a program onto your computer, so that the cloud storage appears in your computer’s file directory (Windows Explorer) and in the taskbar giving you easy access to manually backup your files. But most importantly it also allows you to set it up to automatic backup any new files, meaning that your valuable data is safeguarded, moments (an interval set by you) after you save it.

This means that you can then laugh in the face of device failure and memory corruption, well at least until you realise that you will most likely have to spend money replacing your device. But at least your device is completely replaceable, unlike your photos, videos and unfinished memoirs of your fictional life as an apprentice astronaut.

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