George Clooney to play Steve Jobs?

George Clooney is reportedly in the running to play late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an upcoming film. He will go up against former ER co-star Noah Wyle for the role. The biopic, made by Sony Pictures, is due to start filming next year and rumour has it that Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (of The […]

Pop Out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Now this is a digital book! Made by little known video game developers in Vancouver, Loud Crow Interactive this book for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch had eclipsed all others like  it. What makes this so good is that it is so similar to reading the original books. The original text, watercolour images and sliding […]

Store Wars: Microsoft opened its largest store today – right across from the Apple Store Store Wars: Microsoft vs Apple

Microsoft has opened its sixth and largest store ever (8,600 sq feet) in the gigantic Mall of America in Minnesota today, and the store is right across the aisle from the Apple Store. The store is said to be much wider and deeper than its opposition. The store features Microsoft electronics and software, including XBox […]

Small Business Outsourcing IT

There have been many articles over the past few years concerning small business outsourcing their IT services. Rather than battling with vagaries of software, servers, networks and security, many firms are outsourcing everything to an external service provider. That way you only pay for services when you need them and aren’t forced to take note […]

What does RAM do?

Answer: When you use a program, much of the files for that program need to be accessed quickly, so your computer temporarily stores those files on your ram to do this. As you open more and more programs at the same time, so does your computer load more files onto the ram. This is why […]

Keeping your computer free of viruses

The first line of defence in keeping your computer running fast and healthy is a good anti-virus program. While having an anti-virus program installed will be a much greater help than having nothing at all, there really is no completely fail safe method for keeping viruses out. There are many “rogue” programs that disguise themselves […]