We Solve For X: The Google Way of Solving Inequalities


One thing for sure is that Google can never be accused of not thinking outside the box.  The search mogul has just unveiled its new project – a discussion space facilitating innovation, breakthroughs and brainstorming called Solve For X. The Solve For X conference will gather minds from across a variety of fields, encouraging the development of technological solutions and radical methods that stretch limits. Never forgetting its motto to ‘do no evil’, Google is setting out to do its utmost good through the conference, which could also rise to be great competition for TED talks.

In other words, Solve For X was formed to solve everything.
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Is Google Hurting Our Memory?

Google is great for looking up words, finding movie times or perusing recipes, but recent research out of Columbia University shows our dependence on Internet search may be hurting our memory.

The Internet has replaced our brain’s ability to remember information we could easily search for online, a study led by neuroscientist Betsy Sparrow shows. While we heavy Internet users remember where to search for information, we have forgotten information itself.
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We Love Our Morning Coffee…

We sure do love our morning coffee.

Every now and again, our favourite barista will create an awesome bit of artwork from the froth in our latte.

Some of his favourites are below. We are thinking of requesting some artwork for our next coffee – do you have any suggestions?


Super IT Solutions and the Gold Coast Show

In the coming days we’ll be able to announce some exciting news regarding Super IT Solutions and the Gold Coast Show.