iPhone 7

The iPhone 7: Is It Worth It?

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7. This new gadget has made several promises in terms of upgrades over the iPhone 6S: camera improvements, better battery life (on average a bit less than two hours more than the iPhone 6S) and crisper audio. The pre-order season started on September 9th, and shipping starts from the 16th. Prices starts from $AU $1,079 (the 32GB version), and it is also available in 128GB ($1,229) or 256GB ($1,379) sizes.

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Buy your iphone a present this Christmas!

Is your iphone your best friend these days?

Portable Battery Charger – these are now widely available starting at around $20.
You can buy ones that you plug into the phone or you can buy ones that are adapted into a case that has an extra power source.


Wireless Power Pad – now these inventions are really cool. No cords, just place the item you want to charge on the pad and it starts charging it for you. You do have to put your iPhone in a special sleeve that hampers having a different case, otherwise it is as simple as plugging the pad in and placing your phone on it.

power pad
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