The newest in antivirus software – 2021

The newest in antivirus software – 2021

Did you know we give our computers access to important yet sensitive data just by living? Activities like internet banking and logging into work portals with access to all your client’s information can make your computer a rabbit hole for personal data.

Because of the high volume of precious data each computer stores, it is important to keep these details safe and secure from online criminals. That is why the Super IT Solutions team prioritise antivirus protection and make it our mission to proactively stay updated with the latest advanced software.

Just like iPhone and Samsung models, new upgraded antivirus software’s are released from time to time. In 2021, the latest software has been a game-changer!

The most effective software yet, let us introduce you to SentinelOne’s EDR technology. SentinelOne is a leader in innovative cybersecurity, the official Cybersecurity Partner of Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team, their new EDR technology is ground-breaking and ahead of the game.

Learn more on this software and how you can get it below.

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What is SentinelOne’s EDR Technology?

The newest antivirus protection, SentinelOne’s EDR technology (endpoint detection and response), is the updated approach to fighting viruses and malicious applications, including the elusive ransomware and crypto locker attacks.

Traditional protection is no longer the best defence in risk mitigation, as it is now considered outdated and not as effective. Advanced viruses

now expect and outsmart the classic antivirus, evolving with foreign attacks that are newfangled.

This is where EDR differs.

EDR technology’s modern approach is built to combine prevention, detection and response in one complete platform. An industry-first, this software has a cohesive view of all, allowing a real-time and autonomous security layer to be applied to all assets.

There is no comparison with its traditional competitors with its modern tactics, policy-driven response capabilities and bespoke approach to combating attacks. This makes the contemporary practice of EDR vital in securing your device.

Who can use SentinelOne’s EDR Technology?

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small corporation, EDR Technology is available for both personal and corporate uses on all scales.

EDR can be used on Windows and macOS, making it compatible with PC or Mac. It is also available for all workstations and supported environments.

Getting EDR Technology

Are you interested in getting the best protection around for your computer? Offered exclusively, customers of Super IT Solutions have access to this leading software of $11 per month for each computer.

Do you already have an existing antivirus subscription? As an existing Super IT Solution customer, the switch to EDR is quick and straightforward.

If you decide to move over, we can discount the remaining credit from your existing antivirus subscription cost to this new software. The current antivirus pricing you are on costs you $66 per computer per year.

We understand this upgrade may have an increased expense but compared to the fee of having your data encrypted; there is no competition.

If you are interested in changing your antivirus to EDR protection or have a question about this software, reach out to the experts at Super IT Solutions! Specialising in corporate IT services, you can trust our team! Contact us on 13 86 26 for all enquiries.

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Hackers claiming to know your password?

Have you received an email from a hacker claiming to know your password?

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Scam Alert
An email from a scammer
You’ve probably received a spam email where a hacker claims to have installed software on your PC… and used it to get your email password.

Usually, this is untrue & they’ve obtained your password from a website that’s been hacked recently. Since many people use the same password for many things, this may also be your email password.

If you have been using the same password for years, it can feel difficult to change it after so long a time, however it’s quite important to do so.

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Are you being scammed? (Part 2)

One of the most recent forms of Spam emails, is “Please view this document” emails sent through DropBox.

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Scam Alert
One of the most recent forms of Spam emails, is to send “Please view this document” type emails from DropBox.

If you email the person that sent it to you, you get a reply (often in badly written English) that it’s safe to open.
The reply makes you suspicious, so you call them.
When you speak to them on the phone, they tell you that they didn’t send you any files… and they didn’t send you that reply email either.

In quite a lot of these cases, the person doesn’t have a DropBox account.
They might not have even heard of DropBox before.

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Scam Alert

Are you being scammed?

Here are some quick tips on identifying a scam & how to avoid them!

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What is Malware & Ransomware?

Malware tricks you into installing software that allows scammers to access your files and track what you are doing, while ransomware demands payment to ‘unlock’ your computer or files.

What are the warning signs?

You receive an email or social media message out of the blue that claims to contain links to a topical news item or something ‘interesting’, and you are asked to download software in order to view the material.

Music files, games, or access to adult sites are offered free of charge if you download a particular program or agree to a pop-up box.

Pop-up boxes start appearing on your computer screen. These may have simple questions or a button that says ‘close’.

You notice new icons on your computer screen, or your computer is not as fast as it normally is.

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Hardware Computer Repairs

How Should I Clean my Laptop?

When it comes to keeping your laptop in good, working order, giving it a clean every now and again can work wonders. It can also keep it looking tidy and smear free, which can be a pleasing sight to you regular laptop users!

To help make sure you don’t break any golden rules or unwittingly cause any damage to it, we’ve got a few tips for you. After all, it’s no good having a laptop that looks fab but doesn’t work properly.

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What malware can do to your computer?

The threat to computer users has been rising in recent years and we’re now at the point where the different dangers all have their own names. But, many of us don’t really know the differences between them all.

To make it all seem a little less scary and a lot more understandable, we’re giving you the lowdown on what it all means. Read to differentiate between your spyware from your trojan.

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The Perfect Geeky Christmas For Your Clients

Choosing the perfect gift to give your clients has many facets. It needs to be affordable, useful and easy to brand. Let’s be honest. The gift may be a thank you for their clientele and loyalty, but it is also an excuse to keep your brand at the top of their mind. So how do you make it work?

If your customers are the geeky types who love the latest technology you’ll probably be wondering what could be on their most wanted list that would match your budget. Believe it or not, there are many high-tech gifts that even hardcore geeks don’t have.
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How to spot Pirate Microsoft Software

Arr! Tips On Pirate Spotting

Ever wondered if the software copy you bought was a fake? Here are some tips to help ease your mind, and to watch out for in the future.  We used a pirated copy of Microsoft Office we found, as a guide.

Always be sure to check the labels on the top of the packaging, and if stated that it is made anywhere else but Singapore, you’re holding a pirated copy.
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Printer suddenly not working??

Was your printer working yesterday but today is suddenly not connected to your computer?

printer repairsTHIS HAPPENS

Even if you are sure nothing else has changed and you didn’t alter anything, it is possible for your printer to be working one day, and then not responding the next.

Any number of things could make your printer not respond, most typically a recent Windows Update has upset the drivers and has decided to remove the printer.

Best option is to uninstall and reinstall your printer on your computer.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to call us on [xyz-ihs snippet=”superit-phone”]… we deal with this problem on a daily basis.

Cyber Bullying

The rapid adoption and growth of the internet has given way to many threats. Bullying is harassment by one person or group towards another, cyberbullying extends from this in that  it involves technology such as mobile phone or the internet.

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