Franchise of the Year Winners – Springwood/Kuraby

Local business owners Jeremy and Peta Thompson are the proud recipients of this year’s Franchise of the Year award. 

Owner/operators of both the Springwood and Kuraby area franchises, the Thompsons have been “geeking” since 2006. Employing three full time technicians to keep up with their loyal customers, the family-owned business is proud to support the community supporting them, a fact they were quick to acknowledge. 

“We want to thank not only every person on our team, but especially our customers, without whom we couldn’t have done this.”

Get an MBA on facebook!

The London School of Business and Finance last week announced a new course that will make its MBA course materials available online for free, deliver via a Facebook App!

This is not some dodgy online course that doesn’t give real qualifications, you need to fulfill the course pre-requisites for the program (a Bachelors Degree of equivalent)/.

Students will be able to study for free and will only pay if they want to be formally assessed for an MBA. The LSBF GlobalMBA, which has received £7.5m investment, is awarded by the University of Wales.
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November Software Pick!

Cobian Backup

Cost = Free

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup gives you all the power of a paid backup solution for free.  This program has an easy layout, easy to configure and gives you so many options for backup type, when you want to backup, what folders to include, password and encrypted backup, easy to create multiple backups in the one program and very reliable.

Unlike windows backups you have direct access to the files without having to run any programs to recover your files should the worst happen.

This is why I recommend Cobian Backup paired with an external hard drive to keep your data safe.

Luke Walters

Cyber Bullying

The rapid adoption and growth of the internet has given way to many threats. Bullying is harassment by one person or group towards another, cyberbullying extends from this in that  it involves technology such as mobile phone or the internet.
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Office 2011 for Mac is available today!

There is only one Microsoft Office… there are alternatives but so far nothing has eclipsed Microsoft in this field.

Today Microsoft Released Office 2011 for Mac. It replaces Microsoft’s Mac-specific Entourage email app with the industry standard Outlook, brings in some interface tweaks from Office 2010 over in PC land, and integrates with those Office Web Apps you’ve been hearing so much about.

“Office 2011 has new built-in integration to existing Microsoft cloud-based applications—the free Windows Live SkyDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Office Web Apps,” Eric Wilfrid, Office for Mac’s general manager, wrote in an Oct. 26 posting on the Office for Mac blog, “giving users more flexibility and control to work when and where they want.”

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