Christmas Trading Hours 2010

We will only be closed on the Christmas/New Years public holidays.

It will be open the 29th, 30th and 31st of December, 2010 and then re-open on the 3rd January (2011).

We would like to wish all our valued clients a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year!

Storage Anyone?

Remember the Voltron series?

Voltron featured a team of five young pilots commanding five robot lions which could be combined to form Voltron. In this undefined future era, the Voltron Force was in charge of protecting the planet Arus (ruled by Princess Allura) from the evil King Zarkon (from planet Doom), his son Lotor, and the witch Haggar, who would create huge Robeasts to terrorize the people of Arus. These 2gig USBs are available from


Made of rubber, the A-DATA Disney series T807 Mickey Glove USB flash drive is waterproof and expected to maintain its great performance in your office. The rare end of the USB can be reversibly tucked into the cap, preventing one from losing the cap.


b387_usb_memory_bricksLooks just like the construction brick this one has 4GB storage. Available from

Star Wars

mimobot starwars usbThe Star Wars series has 17 different characters to choose from! From


All your favourite Mario characters hand-made from


These sterling silver cufflinks are made in Berlin, Germany and perfect for any Geek. The collection ranges from necklaces to bracelets and key-chains. from gadgets4all

I must stress that it is not Apple branded, its just in the shape of an apple. The pendant measures 45 x 45 x 13 millimetres and weighs approximately 40 grams. You can choose from a wide variety of colours, from blue, pink, red to white. Therefore, if you like to purchase it, you can go to Gadget4all and grab one of these for $21.


usbcardThis Credit Card shape fits easily into something you carry around everywhere, your wallet, so it won’t be misplaced any time soon. Available from 2 to 8 GB in white or black from

This Saturday 11/12 – Mudgeeraba Markets

Time: 6 – 11am

Location: Mudgeeraba showgrounds, corner of Mudgeeraba and Worongary Roads, in Tallai (Mudgeeraba) on Australia’s Gold Coast.

There’s plenty of free parking at the Showgrounds, with a team of volunteer parking attandents coordinated by the local Mudgeeraba Lions Club.

Less than 20 kms from the beach, and a few minutes from bustling Robina Town Centre, Mudgeeraba still has the country town feel, with a country atmosphere that’s reflected at the Mudgeeraba Farmers Market.

The locals frequenting Mudgeeraba Farmers Market have a healthy appetite for freshness and flavour they mightn’t have found elsewhere, and stall holders sometimes sell out, so shoppers should aim to be early.

You’ll find stalls from far and near, selling organic and hydroponic produce, vegetables and free-range eggs. There’s fruit and vegetables from Stanthorpe, pineapple from the Glasshouse Mountains, and some of the freshest seafood direct from trawlers, working along the eastern seaboard.

Lush strawberries and crisp vegetables come from the Sunshine Coast, as well as Lockyer Valley vegetables and poultry, and hydroponic produce from Tamworth, NSW.

There’s also the people who make the value-added products – jams, chutneys, sauces, gourmet jams, pickles, sweets, breads, hand made gourmet salamis and sausages, biscuits, hand made chocolates and hand made farmstead cheeses.

5 Geeky Gifts!

Have your own aspiring geek at home? Here are 5 novelty gifts they will love.

Spy Camera T-shirt

T-shirt with a built-in spy camera, Click the control box in your pocket to take pictures!

Blade Runner Umbrella

In the pre-apocalyptic future, the air is thick and dark and rainy. Stay dry on your walk to your favorite noodle shop with this umbrella, featuring a lighted shaft to guide the way through the darkness.


Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Metal Pizza cutter in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek the original series, Officially licensed Star Trek collectable

enterprise_pizza_cutterStar Wars Boba Fett Electronic Helmet

Press the sound effects button to hear blaster sounds, rocket pack sounds and more. As you “hunt down” your target, press the phrases button to hear intimidating sayings like, “Surrender… or face disintegration.” Activate the light-up antenna as you close in on your prey and move the antenna up or down to change which phrases and sounds play!

Boba Fett Helmet

USB LED Drink Cooler

Tiny one-can refrigerator for your desk, USB power keeps your drink perfectly chilled, Open the fridge to see the cool blue LED


Q. Do you build computers and if I do get a new one, will I lose data on my old computer?

A: Yes, Super IT Solutions do build computers and they can be built to your specifications and in a very short time frame. We offer pre-built PCs or can individually tailor the build to suit your circumstances.

To ensure we offer the best possible service we need to gain a good understanding of the individual needs of you and/or your family members prior to providing you with a written quote.

The computer we build can be tailored in different ways, for example:

  • General day to day user, perhaps with a home office set up and your choice of internet and data protection/system security.
  • Gaming computer, with the latest and greatest parts to ensure superior gaming performance
  • Family computer, with separate logons and folders for each member of the family. We can install high level parental controls on internet use for younger members of the family and advanced security settings for families who have teenagers who access to the internet regularly
  • Provide advice on the effectiveness of wireless connectivity.

Depending on your budget we can either re-load your existing software or make recommendations for higher performing systems, with increased speed and data storage.

All data from your current computer can be transferred across to the new system that you purchase. We also offer a data cleansing service and will work through a desktop cleaning exercise with you prior to the transfer, to delete data no longer required.

We acknowledge that system upgrades can sometimes cause less confident members of the family some concerns, due to the unfamiliarity with new software and changes in exiting program layouts, particularly Windows. We are able to provide training in the use of new software and pre-load links to help pages.

Ben Palmer

Gold Coast Interbranch Surf Life Saving Competition

This Saturday we will be helping out at the Interbranch Life Saving Competition held on the Gold Coast.

It will be held at Tweed/Coolangatta Beach (Old Greenmount Beach). Marshalling begins at 7am and the contest will go to just after lunch.

Surf Life Saving Queensland is the state’s peak beach safety and rescue authority and is one of the largest volunteer-based community organisations in Australia. Surf Life Saving Queensland is built on a fundamental principle: to save lives. The organisation encompasses several diverse arms – lifesaving services, community education, surf sports, commercial training, fundraising, but they all feed contribute to that one overarching purpose.

Queensland’s mainland coastline stretches 6089 kilometres and there are more than 712 accessible beaches. Each year, there are more than 30 million visits to Queensland beaches.

Despite significant advancements in technology, techniques and knowledge, people still drown or die on our beaches.

Surf Life Saving Queensland exists to save lives, develop practices in education, prevention, emergency care and rescue. For more info visit

Please come and say hi and show your support on Saturday!

What to do with your old PC

After installing a new pc, we are often asked “what can I do with the old one?”

So here are ten things you can do with an older working pc.

  1. Give it to the kids
    Youngsters may take to technology like ducks to water. Rather than letting the little darlings loose on your main computer with their wacky wallpaper, relinquish the reins on the old machine instead and let any worthy kids you know do their worst to it.
  2. Give it to a relative
    Be honest. Do you have a technophobic Aunt who would be grateful for your old PC and monitor? Do her a favor by reinstalling Windows and loading a little useful software first, including an Antivirus program. Then set it all up for her and get her online.
  3. MP3 or video jukebox
    If you have accumulated a sizeable collection of digital music files in MP3 format, you may well record them on CDs so you can play them on your home stereo system. But why not turn your old PC into a dedicated jukebox instead?

    Just hook it up to your stereo system’s line-in socket with a simple audio cable

  4. Digital video recorder
    Are you intrigued by those hard disk-based video recorders but don’t want to splash out? Not to worry – use your computer instead. So long as it has a TV tuner card and access to a TV aerial, it should be able to receive and record television programs.

    Connect the graphics card to your telly. Most TV tuner cards ship with basic program-recording software.

  5. Games platform/video arcade
    How about turning your old PC into a computer games console? Be aware that the PC may need a high specification, especially its graphics card, but it will mean that games can be kept separate from other computer activity.

    Alternatively, install emulation software such as MAME and play less demanding classic arcade games instead.

  6. Recording studio
    Connect a keyboard to your computer’s MIDI port and you can make a racket – or record a masterpiece. Results depend as much upon the quality of your sound card as your musical ability but, with a little sequencing software, anyone can produce passable multi-track music. Plenty of memory helps with real-time recording.
  7. Video editing suite
    In a similar vein, a PC makes an excellent video editing platform, especially if you have a digital camcorder and a modicum of talent. A high specification helps – again, memory matters most – and a sizeable hard disk is vital as this determines how much raw video you can store and work with. A recordable CD or DVD drive is a bonus if you want to share your finished work.
  8. Networking
    Setup a simple home network with cable or wireless connections and convert a computer into a simple share server for files. Share printers, photos, documents, music etc.
  9. Internet Terminal
    Consider setting up your old system as a dedicated surfing machine. The idea here is to remove all the extra software and have antivirus and your internet browser. Maybe locate near the kitchen for online cooking menus for the new master chief.
  10. Donate it
    Your surplus system could find a new lease of life in the charities eg: Schools, Churches or Clubs. The Jimboomba Rotary Club is organizing a shipping container of donated old PC’s to be delivered to Vanuatu for schools. Contact your local charity and see if they can use your old system.

One final Note:
It is advisable to backup you old data, then delete / format, before disposing of any PC, hard drives, floppies or CDs / DVDs, etc.
This will reduce your information finding it’s way into the wrong hands and possible identity theft.

Martin Foster (Logan)

Buy your iphone a present this Christmas!

Is your iphone your best friend these days?

Portable Battery Charger – these are now widely available starting at around $20.
You can buy ones that you plug into the phone or you can buy ones that are adapted into a case that has an extra power source.


Wireless Power Pad – now these inventions are really cool. No cords, just place the item you want to charge on the pad and it starts charging it for you. You do have to put your iPhone in a special sleeve that hampers having a different case, otherwise it is as simple as plugging the pad in and placing your phone on it.

power pad
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I am completely operational…

… and all my circuits are functioning perfectly

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