BitDefender Antivirus

Best Internet Security Program for Your PC

When it comes to keeping your PC or laptop secure, you need to ensure you have the right security program installed and monitoring everything, closely. For most people, computer-related security programs, means antivirus. But, while antivirus software can keep your hardware safe from a large list of threats – few of them cover all the security aspects there are to worry about.

To be clear, the differences between antivirus software and a compete security suite is significant. Antivirus should give you protection against:

  • Trojans
  • Ransomware
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Every type of malware

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Hyda Cable Covers partners with Super IT Solutions

Hyda Cable CoversSuper IT Solutions has gained a corporate partner in Hyda Cable Covers. This simple yet amazing technology makes your messy cords and cables a thing of the past.Hyda Cable Covers

Call Centre Hours

Australia wide, the call centre is now open Monday-Saturday 8am to 5pm.

Call now on [xyz-ihs snippet=”superit-phone”]

Super IT Solutions continues to work at times convenient to you!

Meet the Team – Sara from Laverton

How long have you been working here?

Just over 5 days and enjoying it! However, I was in Brisbane training on 2 occasions; each for 5 days and met up with some of the ‘cool’ geeks.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Meeting People, solving their concerns and seeing them happy. Coming from a teaching/ lecturing background and some administration work, I feel happy seeing people be able to relate to the issues which they need to know and/or are concerned about and know what options they have by understanding what they face and be able to connect to what is going on so they will feel that they are in control of the situation even as you’re doing the groundwork for them. Their look of satisfaction and happiness is worth a thousand words and this is what motivates me to carry out what I do and try to do it the best way I know how.
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We come to you, but now we’re collecting donations!

The entire family are ready and willing to help out wherever we can.

We will be collecting any goods that you might wish to donate over the following week.

Goods will be accepted at our Head Office and where possible we will come to you to pick it up. We are currently organising drop-off points South and North side and at the Gold Coast.

Follow our twitter or facebook to find out what suburbs we will be in at different times of the day.

Items most needed are:-

  • Non perishable food
  • pet food
  • thongs
  • cleaning products
  • personal hygiene goods
  • baby items – nappies, formula
  • clothing
  • books
  • toys

Contact us via twitter, facebook or phone [xyz-ihs snippet=”superit-phone”]

Queensland Floods

The Super IT Solutions family would like to wish everyone affected by the current disaster all the best and we hope you are all safe.

To keep up-to-date with all information visit or on twitter follow brisbanecityqld/qldfloods

Casey Radio

Casey Radio 97.7 FMToday we began sponsorship of the south-east Victorian community radio station Casey Radio 97.7 FM.

CASEY RADIO 97.7 FM is a non-profit group whose sole aim is to inform and entertain the people of Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. They cater to all community based requirements as well as musical tastes, ranging from representations from local council to sport, country to comedy, retro to modern, rock to rockabilly, and a wide diversity of ethnic programmes.

Go to the Casey Radio 97.7 FM website to listen online.

Geek Your Tree

Lego Star Wars Ornaments fixed into clear balls and tied with ribbon these ornaments are perfect for any fan. Available from

lego star wars ornaments

Flashing LED Ball Ornament. Message scrolls flashing around the shiny ball. Choice of 8 different messages. Available from


Each string has 10 LED lights that bear Kirk’s image on one side and the Star Trek logo on the other side. 30″ lead wire, 12″ spacing, 4 replacement bulbs and 2 spare fuses. Available from


From Etsy, these decorations are perfect for anyone who has ever played a video game.


From Nigels Eco store, these recycled decorations sparkle under your tree’s fairy lights


Not only can you get your children favourite cartoon character as an ornament but the more “adult” cartoons and comic book characters are widely available too. Just do a Google search of the character you are looking for and you might be in luck.

cartoon ornaments

DIY! Really simple! Make these yourself