Buy your iphone a present this Christmas!

Is your iphone your best friend these days?

Portable Battery Charger – these are now widely available starting at around $20.
You can buy ones that you plug into the phone or you can buy ones that are adapted into a case that has an extra power source.


Wireless Power Pad – now these inventions are really cool. No cords, just place the item you want to charge on the pad and it starts charging it for you. You do have to put your iPhone in a special sleeve that hampers having a different case, otherwise it is as simple as plugging the pad in and placing your phone on it.

power pad

Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses – we all went crazy for digital cameras a few years ago, doing away with the traditional roles of film made us all professional photographers and increased the amount of photos we take incredibly. Then came the camera phone and now every moment in time can be captured as it happens. To make your iPhone camera give much more crisp and clear shots you can invest in a lense which range from $40 to $100.

cell phone lenses

Docking Station – If you’re going to buy a clock radio, CD player or stereo system make sure you get one with an inbuilt docking station. Having a dock that also charges your iPhone is highly recommended.

docking station

Privacy Screen Protector – Hate that feeling of knowing someone is reading your screen from you’re your shoulder? A Privacy Screen will shield your iPhone from curious onlookers. Anyone looking at your phone from an angle will only see a black screen, you looking directly at your screen can see it as normal.

privacy screen

Navigation Kits – Downloaded a satellite navigation application? Now you can make it work even better for you in your car with a docking station that mounts to your windscreen or dashboard. Most car kit’s built-in receiver increases the GPS performance of your iPhone application, makes volume and voice recording clearer and transforms the device into a hands-free.

tom tom

Cleaning Kits – Keeping your iPhone clean can make a much greater difference than you would expect. Now there are specially designed clothes and cleaning solutions you can buy specifically for your mobile devices. A cleaning kit should include solution and polishing cloths, preferably an Antibacterial Microfiber Cloth for disinfecting your iPhone and computer keyboard. This cloth is treated to trap and eliminate over 99.0% of the bacteria on their surfaces.

Cleaning Kit