Are you being scammed? (Part 2)

One of the most recent forms of Spam emails, is “Please view this document” emails sent through DropBox.

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One of the most recent forms of Spam emails, is to send “Please view this document” type emails from DropBox.

If you email the person that sent it to you, you get a reply (often in badly written English) that it’s safe to open.
The reply makes you suspicious, so you call them.
When you speak to them on the phone, they tell you that they didn’t send you any files… and they didn’t send you that reply email either.

In quite a lot of these cases, the person doesn’t have a DropBox account.
They might not have even heard of DropBox before.

To protect yourself emails like this

  1. Don’t click on the links.
  2. Call the person who sent the email, and ask them if they sent you that email.
  3. If they didn’t send you that email… delete it immediately.

Why aren’t the emails flagged as spam?

The emails were legitimately sent from Dropbox’s official email servers, so they won’t be detected as spam.

A hacker has either discovered that person’s DropBox account password… or created a new Dropbox account while logged into that person’s email mailbox.

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