5 Deadly Reasons to Read the Warranty Policy


Most times it is a legal requirement for a business selling a product to include a warranty policy, even if the policy just states that there really is no warranty. However this is not always true for items purchased from the back of lorries, though some enterprising car boot salesman are beginning to offer warranties and are especially keen to upsell customers to their extended warranty plans, safe in the knowledge that they’re a car paint job away from nullifying clause 8c.

With that in mind we’ve assembled a list of 5 not actually very deadly at all reasons to read the warranty policy.

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances, sounds sexy and mysterious. It gets even more sexy when the target of the special circumstances is computer sales, oh yeah! Here’s a question that people often forget to ask about their warranty policies.


Length & Complexity

Book 3

Chapter 12

Section 4.1

It seems that some warranty policy writers are having the same trouble as Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin, in that they set out to write something and it ends up getting so complicated that it has no end in sight.

It’s gotten so bad that even if you think the policy is short, it will undoubtedly contain a website links to where the real warranty lives with it’s sub clauses and whole sections just defining words, like appropriate and reasonable, something which the person who wrote the policy obviously doesn’t understand, given it’s length and the expectation that we have to read it.

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One of the most important aspects of a warranty policy is reading what is excluded from it, and by that I don’t mean sections that have been excluded from the actual warranty policy, which would be impossible because they wouldn’t in fact exist for you to read. No, I’m definitely referring to the components of the device which are excluded from the policy. I hope this wasn’t over complicated, however just consider it training for reading future warranty policies.

Here’s a tableau which might be familiar to some

You – “It says here on the policy that the warranty covers everything except for this tiny screw. Can you tell me is it an integral screw?”

Warranty Department – “Extremely so”

You – “Does it break often?”

Warranty Department – “It’s the only thing that does break, why do you think we left it out of the policy”



Faulty Policy

While a lot of effort goes into making the products as free from error as possible, it still happens. And the same can be said of warranty policy as well. Begging the question is there a warranty on the warranty in-case it’s faulty? Probably not, but what are you to do when you open your policy and the staples aren’t strictly in the fold meaning when you open the document some words in the crease are hard to make out. When the printing is poor and some words are blurry, or even when some words are misspelt. How does one know if they’re in “beach of warranty”?

Warranty Period

When it comes to the period of the warranty, they can go from one year all the way up to a lifetime. Is the offer of a one year a clear admission that they don’t think it can last more than a year without fault, or it just a play to get us to pay extra for an extended warranty, or does the offer of an extended warranty show they are so confident they don’t think it will break. These questions are right up there with, what is the meaning of life, we might never know the answers.

Also what does lifetime warranty really mean, whose lifetime is it? The person who bought it? If it’s the person who currently owns it, then it may never go out of warranty. For example an electrical screwdriver is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. Or is it the lifetime of the product? Which in some cases can be very short, but maybe it was just the vacuum cleaners time to go.

Of course these are all questions that unfortunately can be answered by reading the warranty policy. I hope by raising these questions that we may have igniting your passion to read the next warranty policy that comes your way, so you can finally be informed, unlike how this article will leave you.

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